Grace Bernal’s California Style: Romance

Style 02 02We have survived January, and February is about to get interesting with all the new fashion and romance. And what will we buy this month? Anything from sneakers to blazers to knotty heels. A blazer is perfect for layering, and a checkered one provides a bit of romance to go with the month. Jewelry, like earrings with hearts, are going to be a lovely accessory for the shortest month, too. Let’s not forget sneakers for walking the streets of California. Try them in a light almond, or white color. Also, suede boots make for a romantic accessory for love. One more piece which brings attention to the feet are knotted heels. There’s something dramatic yet subtle about them. They could prove to be the only piece you may need for the month. February is all about romance. Enjoy!

“Fashion may not be a weapon of the woman but at least it gives her the ammunition.” -Brigitte Bardot

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