Democrats Making Pre-Primary Endorsements Today, Tomorrow & Sunday

The California Democratic Party will hold its endorsing convention in San Diego today tomorrow and Sunday. At stake are party endorsements for Democratic Party hopefuls up and down the Golden State.
Of local note, in Congressional District 8, two women are looking to supplant incumbent Republican House of Representatives member Paul Cook. Rita Ramirez Dean, who two years ago achieved second place in the June primary to qualify to challenge Cook in November 2016, is seeking the party endorsement. She, however is not a shoo-in to get that accolade because Marjorie Doyle has her sights on the prize, as do Ronald O’Donnell Elizabeth Kolunsich.
On January 27 the Democrats held pre-endorsement conventions at multiple locations around California. Any candidate who obtained 70 percent or more endorsing votes from local party members participating in those forums has been put on the consent calendar at the state nominating convention. Those getting over 50 percent but less than 70 percent of the endorsements at their local conventions will be considered by an endorsing caucus to be voted upon by the party’s delegates.
There is going to be a catfight over whether incumbent congress members Pete Aguilar, in Congressional District 31, and Norma Torres, in Congressional District 35, will get their party’s endorsement this year because of their recent votes with 10 other Democrats nationwide supporting a Republican-sponsored bill, HR 620, calling for the elimination of requirements that businesses comply with certain aspects of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Kaisar Ahmed, who says he will defend the Americans With Disabilities Act, is seeking the Democrats’ endorsement over Aguilar.
In Assembly District 40, where Republican Marc Steinorth is the incumbent, it is anticipated that wealthy San Bernardino County Supervisor James Ramos will capture the party’s endorsement as he has already gotten more than 70 percent of the local endorsing votes and is on the consent calendar.
In Senate District 20, incumbent Connie Leyva has been placed on the consent calendar as there are no Democrats challenging her at this point.
In Assembly District 47 and Assembly District 41, respectively, incumbent Eloise Gomez Reyes and Chris Holden have achieved placement on the consent calendar.
In Assembly District 55, Greg Fritchle has no challenger and will likely be endorsed as his name is on the consent calendar.
Judy Chu, Congresswoman in CD 27, likewise is on the consent calendar.
Ruth Musser Lopez, who four years ago lost to incumbent Republican Jean Fuller in California Senate District 16, is again seeking election there. Fuller is termed out and two Republican newcomers are testing their luck against Lopez, who has already sewn up the Democratic endorsement, having received 100 percent of the local endorsement vote, and is on the consent calendar at this week’s convention in San Diego.
In Assembly District 42, where Republican Chad Mayes holds office, the Democrats must determine whether they will give their endorsement to John Doddridge or DeniAntoinette Mazingo.
In Assembly 33, where Republican Jay Obernolte has held office for nearly four years, three Democrats – Scott Markovich, Socorro Cisneros and Roger LePlante – all fell short of getting 50 percent in the pre-endorsement phase and therefore there will be no party endorsement this year.
In Assembly District 52, incumbent Freddie Rodriquez is being challenged for the party’s endorsement by Michael Cory Flores.
In Congressional District 39, neither Jay Chen, Gilbert Cisneros, Samir Jammal, Phil Andrew Janowicz, Herbert Lee, Suzi Park Leggett, Ted Rusk, Sybil Steed, Andy Thorbum and Mai-Khanh Tran will get the endorsement as none of the ten received 50 percent of the endorsements at the local endorsing convention.

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