Grace Bernal’s California Style: Belting

Style 01 26With no winter drama this January we have to accept that the chilly weather doesn’t call for much layering in the daytime. Nevertheless, the poncho and cape are here to put out that warmth that comes in during the evening and morning hours of a California day. Oftentimes neither the poncho nor cape are practical warmth pieces, but they’re perfect for layering and providing the needed cover up. And, by adding a belt to the waist of a poncho or cape to hold in heat, it makes all the difference. Belting is actually a lot of fun too! Everyone has to change according to weather, and the fur coat isn’t really needed in California, but a cape or poncho are a great option, especially with a belt accent. For extra warmth, add a coffee cup with this ensemble. The weather has been delightful in Southern California, and that’s part of the fun of here. Watching people out and around in their ponchos and capes is really neat. For now, enjoy the belting and we’ll see what happens next.

“If you like something, rock it. If you want to rock a cape every day, go for it.” -Post Malone

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