A Voice For Stability And The Status Quo In Fontana Speaks

By Draymond Crawford II
Success is a term that was not associated with the city of Fontana for the first 40 years after its incorporation, but over the last two decades the city of Fontana has been the embodiment of that word. My own family has deep roots in the city going as far back to the 1940s, and has seen the highs and the lows of past administrations. Some of the old values of what made Fontana unique from its neighboring cities still exist, family and community pride, and we need to remember those values that bind us together. It troubles me when I hear groups/cliques that are trying to usurp what has been working and lay claim to it for themselves. Failing
to appreciate good leadership is not unlike being a poor student who has had the good fortune of having a good teacher coming to the conclusion that he or she is self-taught. Any time a student feels he/she no longer needs the guidance of his instructors, that student is doomed to fail. A good teacher knows when his or her students are ready and will tap them to know that their time has come.
We live in a time where a misstep in leadership can send a city into a death spiral ending in bankruptcy: Just ask San Bernardino. So when I hear about recalls on one of the most successful mayors in this valley, from my home town, I become deeply concerned. Good leadership is simply good leadership. It doesn’t come in a specific gender, race or creed. It is trained and tested and utilized by those who have invested their time to make sure they are ready for the task at hand.
Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren has been courted by state and federal officials to bring her skills to the next level, but her answer has been the same: “ I am not finished where I am.” That statement in itself shows the commitment she has for the people of Fontana and she is not just using her position to advance a political career. Fontana has enjoyed a mostly collaborative effort among its elected officials, which has made the transformation from a city that was once called felony flats to one of the most desirable cities to live in. I caution and warn those groups who feel they may have a better handle on the future of Fontana: “Don’t mess with success.”

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