Ontario Pastor’s Eighth Book Lays Out Pathway Toward A God-Inspired Reset

“It’s all about the… Reset” is Pastor Bill Jenkins eighth book. For those looking to rebound from ennui, this book will help someone feeling burned out to find a new lease on life.
Bill Jenkins is an award-winning author who is also the senior pastor of a new church in Ontario called Destinyland Christian Center, which meets every Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Ontario Airport Hotel and Conference Center. Pastor Bill has a wife and three teenage sons, and has been in full time ministry for almost 30 years. He has a passion for taking the most impenetrable passages of Scripture and explaining them in a practical and enlightening way to help people fulfill what he calls their destiny. Around 100 pages in length, the book is intended to be “a spiritual tow truck” to pull someone in a downward slide for whom things have not been going his or her way out of a slump.
Jenkins intends the word reset to convey the concept of “setting again” or “setting anew,” returning to the original condition and state. Jenkins maintains that sometimes in life, through bad choices or people imposing their will on others, an individual can get off course and stray from God’s original plan. Jenkins prescribes making an early realization of this so the person off track can avoid digging a deeper hole that will only require more time to get out of later in life. Jenkins’ formula involves allowing God to reset lives and have the lost get back on the right road. Pastor Bill identifies decreases in passion, procrastination, a lack of vision, loss of creativity and joy, being easily aggravated, low production and constant complaining as indicators that a person needs a reset. He acknowledges that resetting your life might involve some initial pain and suffering, loss of sleep at night, a loss of income and feelings of isolation and rejection by others. Ultimately, however, Jenkins says, you must trust God that resetting your life will yield far greater results and rewards than choosing to stay on a path that is heading nowhere. Pastor Bill suggests that candidates for a reset ask what change is desired, why it is wanted, what is stopping the person from making the change, and how the change is to be effectuated.
Life quality, Jenkins maintains, hinges on finances, priorities, marriage and relationships, health, emotions and employment. The more successful someone feels about those issues controls the degree someone is satisfied in life, Pastor Bill says. His book will, he says, release the tools to help the reader to determine if a reset is needed.
A feature of, “Its all about the… Reset” is the 30-day reset devotional, which contains a Scripture of the day, a thought for the day, a prayer for the day, and a deed for the day, and a blank space for the reader to journal.
“It’s all about the… Reset” is a fun and enjoyable read that will help anyone to reboot, reinvent and restore his or her life. You can pick up your copy in paperback on Kindle from Amazon, as well as Pastor Bill’s other publications. For more information about the church you can reach him at destinylandcc.org

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