Grace Bernal’s California Style: Velvet

Style 09 15Velvet seems to be taking the cake in fashion, and looking great in your average burgundy and black colors. That is not all there is to it, since velvet comes in bright yellow, and soft pink, too. Anything from skirts, pants, dresses and blazers in this plush material make great outfit combos. Included are roomy outdoor pants and coats. Velvet is complementary to both men and women.
Don’t forget that there is also crushed velvet that comes in colors like purple. It’s going to be a fun fall season as velvet stays strong and the people get into the swing of the creativity it can inspire. With that said, velvet everything is in and the fabric is rich enough to take you into the holiday season. Get on point with your velvet and enjoy the beginning of fall with a twist of trend.

“Velvet is great. It’s warm as well. And it’s snug.” -Eddie Redmayne

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