Grace Bernal’s California Style: Colors Of Fall

Style 09 29No doubt every season plays a role with regard to fashion and with the changes of time everything about fashion becomes interesting. When it comes to fall, the change sometimes pivots on the weather. Autumn brings hot and cold days, too. You also see the darker colors of autumn, like midnight blues, deep greens, burgundies, and black sneaking a peak into the cooler weather. These colors add a new feeling to the beginning of a new season. I see everyone’s bringing out their coats and tunics, and getting cozy with their cup of tea or coffee on the streets. It’s assured you can get more creative with the cooler weather. Fall and the colors that come with it are definitely a great transition point. Whatever you’re doing with the new season, fall is perfect to experiment with color, as in a top, dress, tights,  scarf, hat, boots, darker hair color, and darker lip colors. Enjoy the colors this season has to offer because pretty soon we’ll be trending into red.

“The joy of dressing is an art.” — John Galliano

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