Grace Bernal’s California Style: Something About Pink

Style 08 11While white, green, blue, and yellow tend to be summer favorites it seems that pink clothing has become quite fashionable this season. Pink has been around for a while and it tends to come and go but lately the sidewalks are full of pink hats, tennis shoes, swim suits, dresses, and tops. Everyone from city travelers in swimsuits, to party people, and even cyclists are thinking pink. My personal favorite has been the rose quartz pink. It’s just “wow!” The color pink has long been associated with Easter but it’s made it into the summer this time and it is looking fabulous on the streets. It really adds a peaceful and happy balance to any outfit. There’s something about the color pink that is just so pretty and summer really has everything to do with it. How cool is pink? Cool enough to probably take us into the winter season and be the choice color over red. Have fun, stay cool, and pretty in pink.

“I don’t think I will ever get tired of wearing pink.”  Emma Bunton

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