Grace Bernal’s California Style: Cycling

Style 08 04We’re on to biking and the August weekends are made for cycling. It’s always a success and fun when you’re styling a moving trend on the streets. You see wheels of all sorts from one wheels, skateboards, and roller skates/blades. But, it’s definitely the bicycle that has returned. People are getting around more and more to work in their business outfits and pearls, anything from men in suits riding a bike in downtown to women in shorts riding to the supermarket. It’s a thrill watching people ride their bikes for business or fun because there’s no question that in this century the cycle is a great city alternative. Some people are inventing and experimenting while wearing sandals, vans, dress, shorts, or just a dog, and all on a bike. This is just the beginning of the bicycle paradise, which started on the weekends and now has become a trend for the way to get to work, go shopping, or simply as a fun alternative. Try cycling in your favorite outfit this weekend. You’ll find it thrilling. Enjoy!

  “Truly, the bicycle is the most influential piece of product design ever.” -Hugh Pearman

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