Romping Around

Style 06 02The male romper is here, and it could be a thing of the moment that will change soon but the reality is that it’s definitely something new to the men’s fashion scene. Will it blow up or quickly blow over like an L.A. summer storm? That remains to be seen. The one piece has been hinting around for just a moment and it’s yet to define its true purpose. The one-piece is showing up in different patterns like stripes and polka dots and some subtle-to-bold colors. It goes without saying that men’s fashion is definitely ahead of the game and the trends are here to prove it. The romper is certainly something that hasn’t been a part of the street scene for males. Although the one-piece get-up comes with history, meaning men like James Bond have worn one on the big screen. Also many wore jumpsuits in the Air Force during the 40s, and this utilitarian use included painters and railroad workers. It’s a bit stunning to see men on the street and the all-in-one look has its followers who will recreate the look during this time. I don’t know that the romper will be a one hundred percent hit for all men, but it is sure to captivate the attention of the daring ones who enjoy the more edgy wardrobe. There are several choices out there with regard to the romper. It’s a matter of how you want to wear it. Enjoy the romper this season and have fun!
“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

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