Grace Bernal’s California Style: Here Come The Rips!

Style 05 19

The concept of ripped jeans has torn into the spring season. The new thing is the rips are coming in hints rather than the more shocking rips. Both men and women are wearing the rebel jean and they look marvelous. Denim has always been beautiful and allows for a full imagination when worn with a unique jacket, heels, sandals, or unique tops. It’s a very chic thing to see denim in this form and also very radical. It’s nice to see two of same doing the anything goes type of thing. Goes to prove that clothing today is no big deal and people have come a long way when it comes to wearing their denim. This weekend enjoy the hints of rips in your denim and pair them with a cool blazer, hat, or sandal and just enjoy the trend. Until next week stay fashionable!

“I think denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It’s kind of my uniform, really.” -Clemence Poesy

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