Lennar Gets Go-Ahead On 128 Homes North Of Lytle Creek Wash In Devore

The county has pretty much signed off on allow Lennar Homes build 128 houses on 34 acres northerly of Lytle Creek Wash and south of the intersection of Glen Helen Parkway with Interstate Highway 15 in the Devore area.
According to a joint report and recommendation from Gerry Newcome, the county’s director of public works, and Tom Hudson, the director of the county’s land use services division, that was accepted by the board of supervisors on last week, Lennar satisfied requirement that it commit to providing the infrastructure needed to accommodate the development.
Lennar signed a performance guarantee agreement and shelled out $46,052 in cash to place markers on the surveyed area where the development is to take place for the purpose of distinguishing the boundaries identified and specified during the completion of the survey, it put up a tax bond of $170,700 in cash and pledged a $1.48 million surety for roads & drainage, a $740,000 surety to secure labor and materials, laid out a $790,500 surety and signed a performance agreement along with another $395,250 surety to cover labor costs with regard to providing water to the subdivision, matched by dual $833,000 and a $416,500 sureties for the sewer system and the labor and materials to build it.
“To date, final monuments for Tract No. 17771 have not been set and all required road and drainage, water, and sewer improvements have not been completed. The owner of the subdivision, Lennar Homes of California, Inc. is therefore required to enter into an agreement with the County to furnish the equipment, labor and material necessary to complete the improvements. Additionally, Lennar and its surveyor, Robert J. Dawson, are required to enter into an agreement with the County to complete the monumentation,” according to Newcombe and Hudson. “The recommended securities and agreements will ensure the construction and warranty of the required development infrastructure and the setting of final monuments for the project pursuant to the California Subdivision Map Act, the San Bernardino
County General Plan, and the County Code. The labor and material securities will secure payment to the contractor, the subcontractors, and persons furnishing labor, materials, or equipment for the improvements.

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