Grace Bernal’s California Style: Cleansing The Chill

Style 3 03

San Bernardino County has definitely felt the magic of the rain this season. All that water has really turned into green and it’s pretty magical. Seems like we’re finally going to have our first break from the cold and rainy weather that has gone on for a while now. Temperatures are sure to start feeling more like summer. The neat thing is women and men are coming out of their winter cocoons, looking like a butterfly in light, colorful clothes. Legs are starting to show and people seem more active. The men are looking neat all dressed, but the for the most let they are wearing stripped down open-neck shirts. The streets are a magnet for picnic masses. Spring-like weather has made it to California and people are ready to react to change through fashion. Fashion is such a fun part of life because it brings hope to what is new. People are this hope when they make the experience more refreshing through the clothes they wear on the streets.

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