California Style By Grace Bernal: Change

Style 03 10

The new season is around the corner and it’s all about spring. What does season change mean? A wardrobe update that goes with all that spring’s trends have to offer. Although, the choice is yours, you can mix and match or do a complete wardrobe overhaul. For example, the military look is still hanging around. All the khaki materials and military boots, which can be polished up with different forms and shapes. Spring is all about exploiting and expanding your wardrobe, color, and highlighting your silhouette. Take stripes serious this season, as they are coming in every color, shape, size, and form. There are also oversized cargo pants with pockets, in boxy shapes, with drawstrings. I’m also seeing ruffles on tops and dresses, which bring that feel of the 80s scene. Finally, let’s not forget the romantic dresses in their delicate material. Change is definitely under way and everyone will be transformed before you know it, so get out and change up your wardrobe while you can.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacob

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