Grace Bernal’s California Style: Powdered Sapphire

Style 2 17

It’s been hot and cold here in San Bernardino County but it hasn’t stopped color from popping in. Two color trends brightening this cold weather are sapphire blue, and pastels. Both have come into full bloom this February. I can’t help but be in love with the dusty pastels, in soft pinks, shades of blue, pastel greens, and pastel mauve. I think the pink pastel is coming into its own because of the many Asian women who wear their fashion in colors much subtler than is popular in Europe and North America. While most of us tend to wear black and brown neutrals, these shades of blue and pastels all resemble a movement of global fashion. With that said, these pallets of pale and dust come with a hint of paste, thanks to the California Asians who love these colors, bringing them to the streets. So, although we’re in the west where pink tends to be more bubble gum-like, remember to tone it down to a powder pink to match the beautiful Asian powder trend of the streets. Sapphire blue, on the other hand, is brighter and stronger than these softer pastels, and I think they make a great duo when combined. The streets are not only interesting but they get better and better when fashion is involved.

“I use a lot of blending and layers of pastel to achieve the smooth, polished look and quality of extreme realism.” -Allan Berman

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