California Syle: Marching Boots

Style 2 10

By Grace Bernal
Got boots? I hope so because from the looks of everything, it has been a marching new year. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been inspired by the idea of uniform dressing. Lately it also seems like wearing the same thing every day can help make your morning routine easier, and also you don’t pinch your wallet, and that makes your outfit selection more appealing. I love being the go-to type with regard to an outfit, be it a pair of jeans, simple skirt, or a simple top. It’s nice to keep your look up and get out of feeling bored with it. It’s nice to brighten things up with a staple accessory, outerwear, and of course shoes. With that said, bump up your uniform and get a feeling of new! Get a pair of boots! The combat boot is back and it will always toughen up your outfit. They come, believe it or not, in different styles. They also aren’t just for jeans and t-shirts. Dresses and skirts look cool with combats. Whatever your choice may be with boots, I hope your personality is inspired to wear them, because there’s no reason not to try a new thing. And the show keeps marching on, happy February!

“When I was 15, I wore combat boots with a fluorescent Columbia ski jacket. I was trying to find myself.” Eric Wareheim

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