California Style: Winter Kids

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By Grace Bernal
Kids these days are wearing snow gear all day and it all begins with snow boots. I kind of like the trend, and who knew they would be so useful this season. I don’t know that I am alright in snow boots, but for sure the kids are. With that said, now is the time to stock up on a pair before they disappear from the shelves. There are many stylish boots out there and they can be found anywhere from Big 5, REI, to Nordstrom. It’s all about how you feel in them and how much you can get out of them. The cutest ones in my view have hints of fur popping out of them. But it’s all about preference, whether it’s the sturdy snow boot or the mega luxury fur one is up to you. These boots are perfect for cold days on the streets, on your way to work, or anything else. They are perfect with tights, big sweaters, skirts with long jackets, and even with a dress. Whatever your choice, I hope your boots are cozy and help you through the cold days ahead. Winter kids are the cool kids trending in snow boots!

There comes a time when what is needed is not just rhetoric, but boots on the ground. Baldwin Spencer

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