Grace Bernal’s California Style: SoCal Christmas Festivus


One yearly festivity that has been going strong here in SoCal is SantaCon which takes place in Los Angeles. As we drop into the Christmas décor and magical street lights, crazy Santas appeared everywhere on December 10th riding the METRO. You might be asking yourself, “What is SantaCon?” It’s an annual bar hopping festivity that happens once a year all over the world including Los Angeles. All people are welcome provided they dress in wild, creative, crazy, fun Christmas or Santa costumes, and are able to follow the Santa bar hopping rules. SantaCon and the bar hop cheer spreading brought people in red coats, and green trousers, and sorts of wonderful holiday getups. The spirit was seen all over over East, and West Los Angeles. It’s probably the greatest show on earth with its holiday dazzle, and the creativity is incredible. The color is splendid, and so are the outfits. Everything was full of spirits with different places to have fun on SantaCon. The drunken SantaCons were something to roar about this past week. The season is magic! Don’t waste your time on scrooges because holiday charm is on us. Just look around you. You can see the magic in the department store window displays and it really goes with the SantaCon fashion theme. Everything that was seen in Los Angeles was notable with great creativity. The humbugs can complain all they want but they can’t kill everyone’s spirit. With that said, maybe SantaCon can come to San Bernardino next year. But, I’ll leave that up to you until then… Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy to all!
“This is the creativity that I was telling you about!” Kris Kringle

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