County Reaching Out To Unincorporated Communities For Feedback

San Bernardino County officials will make a progressive review of more than a dozen unincorporated communities this and next month, seeking input as it updates its existing Community Plan, a blueprint for the provision of services and government action in local areas.
“All workshops will provide the opportunity for those who live or conduct business in each community to talk one-on-one with county representatives and in groups with their community neighbors,” according to a county announcement.
In the first eight communities where the workshops will be held, an effort will be made to gather feedback on those communities’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, as well as residents’ perceptions of what improvements can be made. A second set of workshops will focus on strategies and tools to reach goals and objectives.
Workshops will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on these days for the following communities: Baker, Nov. 29 and Jan. 23; Daggett, Dec. 1 and Jan. 24; El Mirage, Nov. 30 and Jan. 25; Newberry Springs, Nov. 30 and Jan. 25; Oak Hills, Dec. 1 and Jan. 26; Oro Grande, Nov. 29 and Jan. 24; Wrightwood, Nov. 28 and Jan. 23; and Yermo, Dec. 1 and Jan. 26.
There were seven previous meetings between county officials and local residents in those communities in September and October.
The Community Plan is part of the Countywide Plan laid out in Countywide Vision adopted in 2011. For more information on Community Plans and workshop locations, visit

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