Grace Bernal’s California Style Fall In Full Effect


Welcome fall and Holiday Season as Thanksgiving is upon us. So are the first thoughts of festive clothes. You can feel the festivities, and the first thoughts are color from orange, red, gold, silver, and green. All are showing up in sweaters, tops, dresses, and hats that capture the beginning of the holiday season. I know many of you will be shopping and the vendors will be waiting for you this coming week. In California we can look so sophisticated in our festive outfits, whether we are out shopping or attending an event. But the people that make fashion happen, and take us into the future are the young people wearing their clean lined cut outfits in festive colors. It is nice to see so many things happening with this creative force we call youth. There’s so much magic when it comes to the imagination, which gives people the power to stand out in an absolutely beautiful way. Again, thank you, the elegant children who place yourselves in the top rank of American fashion.

“The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott

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