Grace Bernal’s California Style: Black Halloween

A wildly busy weekend is here because Halloween is upon us. When I think of Halloween, I start with the classic witchy black dress. Black used to be a gothic color of mourning but since fashion designer Coco Chanel took black to a new level the black dress turned it into a fashion statement. Therefore, with Halloween shadowing our doorstep there’s a lot of darkness that surrounds us. It’s always nice to see the reenactment of Halloweens ghosts and goblins in the different get ups people put together. Some Halloween experiences are taken to a whole new level, too! With everything going on all year round, black has survived through a lot, from the hippies revolution, to the yuppies era, and it stands strong to this day. I know many will be honoring Halloween this weekend by hosting annual costume parties, and I can’t wait to see the different costumes. It’s going to be a fun weekend, full of creativity. Just remember, if all else fails you can have a black Halloween by wearing black because you’ll fit right in.

“Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.” Judy Gold


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