California Style Homecoming


By Grace Bernal
Every High School has a yearly fall dance called “Homecoming,” which the kids of today refer to as “HoCo.” The freshmen kids tend to be the most excited about this event because it will be a first for those who choose to attend. Of course, being new to these type of events, one doesn’t know what to expect, and one issue for most is what to wear. Back in my day, homecoming consisted of going to a Friday football game, and attending a dance in regular dress in the school gym. The only ones who dressed for the affair were the homecoming queen and her court of princesses. Today’s homecoming is taken up a notch because the dress code is semi-formal, and it takes place on a Saturday evening. For this affair, girls should wear cocktail dresses (usually cut at the knee) and boys should wear a suit with a tie. Stay away from the penguin tux, and the long dress. In most cases the boy wears a tie that is the same color as the girls dress, the flowers (corsage/ boutonniere) should coordinate with the colors that the couple is wearing. A low open toe heel will appropriately accentuate the shorter dress. Getting your hair, and nails done is optional since this is again a semi-formal evening. Boys be sure to wear dress socks with your dress pants, and to comb your hair neatly. With that said, here are some cute short dresses, and suits I encountered at this past weekend’s “HoCo.”
Homecoming means coming home to what is in your heart.” ~Author Unknown

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