Three New Auditors Needed To Deal With Treasurer/Auditor’s Finance Tracking System

The Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector’s office has hired three new accountants to assist in the office’s function, now that it is transitioning to a new auditing system.
Earlier this month, auditor-controller-treasurer-tax collector Oscar Valdez sought and received from the county board of supervisors permission to hire Raul Marquez and Charlene Huang as what are designated accountant IIIs, each at a total annual cost of $77,572, including $54,246 in salary with benefits of $23,326. Valdez further sought to hire Michael Sveinson, designated as an accountant II, for a total annual cost of $66,954, which includes a salary of $46,821 and benefits of $20,133. The board acceded to Valdez’s request.
Marquez, Huang and Sveinson are to stay in place from September 17, 2016 through December 30, 2018. The board also authorized Valdez to, at such time he deems appropriate, execute amendments to the contracts to extend the contract term for a maximum of three successive one-year periods on behalf of the county, subject to review by county counsel. County counsel is the county’s top in-house attorney.
The accountants are to work within the auditor-controller-tax collector’s controller and disbursements divisions.
Marquez, Huang and Sveinson were hired because of their presumed ability to wield the digitized accounting systems manufactured by SAP Public Services, Inc. and Labyringh Solutions, Inc.
On April 19, 2016, the board of supervisors approved contracts with SAP Public Services, Inc., for financial software license, maintenance and support services, and with Labyrinth Solutions, Inc., for Enterprise Financial Management System (EFMS) implementation consulting services, respectively. The EFMS Project is now replacing the county’s current Financial Accounting System (FAS).
The county’s EFMS team consists of the auditor-controller/treasurer/tax collector, county administrative office, finance and administration, human resources, and the information services department.
The accountant II and III positions in the management services section of the controller division have primary responsibilities of preparing, analyzing, and interpreting a variety of complex fiscal and financial reports; processing and monitoring budgets and certain claims, which require the application of cost accounting; establishing and evaluating accounting procedures and controls; and reviewing legislation for fiscal impact to the county.

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