Local Chiropractor And 2nd Amendment Advocate Pens Letter To Assemblyman

Local chiropractor Dean Kerr, a Second Amendment advocate, recently wrote to Assemblyman Freddie Rodriquez. Kerr’s missive follows.

The Honorable Freddie Rodriguez
California State Assembly,
52nd District Office
1160 Seventh Street
Chino, CA 91710

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,
I am writing to express my concerns for misplaced leadership in the state government, more specifically, the laws directed at the law-abiding citizens concerning their access to adequate means to defend themselves.
In signing the last round of ridiculous bills, Governor Jerry Brown said they would protect the law-abiding citizen by imposing new taxes and limits on their access. What an oxymoron!
The gun laws currently effective in California are in conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Let me ask you, what does the phrase “shall not infringe mean to you? Does it infer exceptions or additions or bogus interpretations? I think not. It is even contrary for public safety. Hitler used this when he disarmed the German people in the 1930s, while giving local police military hardware, such as armored vehicles, machine guns and light tanks. Hitler did this in the name of public safety that ultimately caused 10 million plus deaths. Where are we headed? Ann Coulter has offered that, history for the Democrats begins every day when they wake up, as the reason they are doomed too repeat the past. Do you find this true?
I realize that national leadership, under the illegal regime of Barack Obama has repeatedly asserted the goal of making the United States a communist state. While socialism is a religious philosophy, communism is mandatory socialism based on control of resources (i.e., water, gas, electricity, etc.). This is not America. This is just one of the many Failed Eurasian Theocratic Socialist States. This in not the direction for America, but the direction for chaos and revolution as it has been everywhere it has been tried. Seems there is no shortage of tyrants who think it will work – this time.
Repeal the gun laws that are based on emotion and not statistics and logic, because criminalizing the public is ill-advised.
Sincerely yours,
Merland Kerr, D.C.

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