Grace Bernal’s California Style: Sneaking Around

Style 9-2-16

By Grace Bernal
The big news with young people is that the fantastic sneakers are coming in a new language. The sneaker is like an important handbag! Today they are super decorative and colorful, and no longer are they a man’s thing because women are doing sneakers, too. There are sneakers with interesting architecture such as high tongues, but the neat ones to me are the sparkly, metallic, and textured colored sneaker. Another feature are the thick bold bumper soles that come with sneakers of today, making the fresh new look comfortable and fashionable. The added feature of the heeled sneaker is the height it gives the wearer. You can do just about anything in today’s sneaker because they are looking more and more dressy and they are ready to go to work in, a concert, and many events for that matter. The sneaker can definitely add definition to your outfit. Have fun sneaking around in whatever sneaker you choose.

“I like sneakers. I guess I could call myself a collector.” Mike Shinoda

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