Grace Bernal’s California Style Back In Black


It’s cooling down and suddenly everything is turning into early autumn. What is eye catching to me lately in the atmosphere of fashion is the black clothes. People can’t wait for the color to pop up, but first things first. Black is an amazing neutral, and I can speak for many. I could live in this color every day of the year. If it didn’t get so hot out here we would all be happy in black. The message is not all black either there are hints of white popping up paired with black. It’s also neat to mix black with a hint of white. The graphics of black and white are really fantastic! But primarily black because the color black has always represented a lifestyle. Fashion is happening so fast, and it really is looking bolder, and bolder than in the past. Stay tuned for more autumn, until next week!

Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” —Oscar de la Renta

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