Grace Bernal’s California Style: It’s Reigning Men

Last weekend I explored the Reigning Men Fashion Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which goes by the acronym LACMA, and the examination of its history was quite a treat for the eye. Men have always been ahead of their time when it comes to fashion, and lately they seem to be surpassing women. The fashion sensation has always been going on and today men are tearing down barriers. Oddly as it may seem, men have been doing so since the 17th century. In the beginning they were extravagant by dressing in leggings, wigs, and lace, and today they continue as such by wearing leather, heels, and thongs. All of this really has been taking place in front of us for a very long time. Some men make fashion really exciting and some designers such as Pierre Cardin, and Jean Paul Gaultier have been amazing influences to men, specially the young ones who are becoming more daring. Even women today are wearing men’s clothes because really not much is happening in women’s clothes. Seems like man has escaped the cage and he can’t get back in. Men’s fashion is on, and running ahead of it all. The freedom of expression and clothing is not just about women but men and they always have been daring. Young men are really experimenting with the revolution of fashion, so this week it’s all in the menswear. Hurry if you want to catch the Reigning Men Exhibit as it nearly comes to an end on August 21st. It covers just about every era of fashion in menswear from 1715–2015.

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.” —Richard Eberhart, Poet

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