California Style Choking

By Grace Bernal
The first week of August has come to an end, and traditionally everyone changes to black in August. However, it’s never a sure bet and the color people are trending now is lighter, and more into the gray color. What has also been making its way back into the fashion scene are choker necklaces. How about that! The choker necklace is the new black! Everything from leather chokers, chain chokers, and fabric chokers are looking neat while chocking the neck. Chokers can be a neat accessory they come in minimal designs to flashy ones. One interesting aspect of the choker is it can be very inventive. Sometimes when clothes are too expensive, you can have fun on the cheap with accessories. The fabrics the chokers come in are virtually unlimited and a lot of fun. People are having a neck fetish out there and its looking surprisingly fashionable. You can wear chokers with everyday wear, and evening too. The idea is modish, and everywhere you look you can see the choker piece means taking something classic and accessorizing with it. Choking is a great part of the fashion game currently.

“His wedding gift, clasped round my throat. A choker of rubies, two inches wide, like an extraordinarily precious slit throat.” -Angela Carter

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