Victorville To Spend $183 M Through All Divisions In 2016-17

VICTORVILLE— The City of Victorville has adopted an overall 2016-17 budget that anticipates $183,689,725 in spending though all of its municipal funds, including $55.4 million in general fund expenditures, and $103,616,939 in spending through its various enterprise funds and $19,491,988 in special project funding.
Buried in those various allotments, the city has slated to carry out $35 million in capital improvements. do rev.
In meeting the city’s requirement to meet public safety requirements it is devoting $37.3 million to cover the costs of its $23.84 million contract with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which provides law enforcement service, and $13.55 million for fire department operations.
The city did manage to work some economies into the budget by forging a deal with the county to split the cost of six paramedic firefighters. It is also engaging in what some consider to be double taxation by imposing on city residents, who have already paid through their taxes for the creation and operation of the fire department a fee for emergency response by the department.
Victorville is the fifth largest of San Bernardino County’s 24 cities, with a population of 115,903.

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