Grace Bernal’s California Style: Party Dresses

They say women should always know how to do their own hair, and be prepared for the unexpected. You never know when someone is going to invite you to attend a party. I always admire a person who at the drop of a hat can put a look together, especially when they don’t hesitate to describe their outfits. Sometimes we put pieces together that don’t work at all. The devil is in the details. Nobody ever invites you to a party on a random weekday; it’s all about the weekends. What if someone decides to have a gathering, and you’re away on a trip? With that question asked, my advice is ‘Always pack a party dress, either loud or simple, but just pack one.’ All you need with a party dress is mixing creativity, and with that, you’re ready to go out to that gala, wedding, or whatever. A party dress should be one of the top things you pack while on a trip whether business or pleasure. So what if it doesn’t get worn that time out? The party dress is always trending with regard to fashion and when it comes to style, the party dress is of paramount importance. So remember when packing for that next business/pleasure trip, pack the dress. Happy travels, and happy partying!

I’m not interested in celebrities, with their free dresses. I’m interested in clothes.” -Bill Cunningham

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