Grace Bernal’s California Style: July Goddess

There’s something Godly about July. Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, people’s expression of themselves in the way they dress comes closest to, and features more of, their true selves. It’s only going to be hotter in the days to come and patience will be tested in the heat. The style that is under way and in business all day is what I call easy everyday wear. I’m seeing gold, silver, and nude sandals every day, along with shimmery satin dresses. All looking perfect for a daily outing, whether to a party or to the office, the message is simple cool, with a hint of Goddess. It’s difficult to be formal in the heat, but if you’re going to do it, wear light colors like pink or green. It’s always nice to see the dressier version of summer trying to keep up with what is expected in the workplace and its neat to see people having fun dressing for the rising temperatures. It’s all about having fun in the sun. Enjoy dressing for it and stay cool.
“Fashion is instant language.” -Prada

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