County Refurbishing Old & Building New Cabins At Calico Ghost Town

Roughing it will be a little smoother for campers who will in the near future head into San Bernardino County’s outback for a relaxing getaway at Calico Ghost Town.
The county board of supervisors this week signed off on awarding a construction contract in the amount of $386,567 to Three Peaks Corporation for the Calico Ghost Town Camping Cabin Improvements Project.
The County of San Bernardino currently operates six camping cabins at the Calico Ghost Town Regional Park. It has undertaken to make upgrades and improvements to those amenities.
According to Terry W. Thompson, the director of the county’s real estate services department, “This project will provide necessary improvements to the existing cabins to include window replacement, designated parking spaces, replacement of damaged furniture and electrical fixtures. The project will also complete installation of four new one-room cabins. The new cabins and improvements will provide clean, modern facilities that meet health, safety and accessible building codes while enhancing the camping experience for the park users.”
The project management division of the county’s real estate services department advertised for competitive bids on the project on April 22, 2016, using the Victorville Daily Press, 12 plan rooms, the project management division’s website and the County of San Bernardino’s Electronic Procurement Network. On May 9, 2016, 14 contractors responded to the solicitation and attended a mandatory pre-bid walk. On May 19, 2016, the bids were received, including Three Peaks Corporation’s for $386,567; Callison Construction’s bid of $405,664; Torga Electric’s bid of $434,345; Golden Land Building, Inc.’s bid of $452,000; Vincor Construction, Inc.’s bid of $456,000; Trinity Construction Company’s bid of $469,138; Jergensen Construction’s bid of $604,000; and Dalke & Sons Construction, Inc.’s bid of $620,680.
On May 19, 2016, the project management division received a bid protest from Callison Construction, alleging Three Peaks Corporation did not have an electrical contractor’s license to self-perform a portion of the work, and did not list an electrical subcontractor to perform the work. Following review of the bid submitted, Three Peaks Corp.’s response to the bid protest, and correspondence from the Contractors State License Board, the project management division determined that Three Peaks Corp. was authorized to self-perform the identified work under its general building contractor’s license.
The project management division recommended that the board of supervisors award the construction contract to Three Peaks Corporation, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
The project budget of $854,750 is comprised of a $49,000 design component; a $130,463 project management and inspection component; $386,567 in construction costs, together with a construction contingency of $288,720. According to Thompson, “The total cost of the Calico Ghost Town Camping Cabin Improvements Project is now expected to be approximately $250,153 less than budgeted due to the construction bids being lower than originally estimated.”

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