Ontario & County To Put Trail System On Flood Control Land

The City of Ontario and San Bernardino County, through its flood control district, are cooperating in designing a set of trails for the semi-urban area in southern Ontario.
Under a 20-year common use agreement with automatic yearly renewals, the city will use portions of the district’s right-of-way for County Line Channel and Cucamonga Channel for the creation of recreational multi-use community trails.
In October 2012, the county board of supervisors gave go-ahead to the trail concept with the approval of a memorandum of understanding with Ontario to cooperate in the development of a “multi-use regional trail system.” Things have progressed to the point, according to San Bernardino County Public Works Director Jerry Newcombe, to proceed with “the development of two segments of the recreational multi-use community trail system within portions of district right-of-way in the city. The trails on district lands are located as follows:
• Along the north side of County Line Channel, in between Merrill Avenue to the north and Limonite Avenue to the south, and approximately from Harrison Avenue, westerly to Archibald Avenue [and]
• Along the east side of Cucamonga Chanel, which is approximately a third of a mile west of Archibald Avenue, from Riverside Avenue to Chino Avenue.”
Newcombe continued, “Construction plans for these improvements have been submitted for review and approval through the district’s permit process. The city’s proposed trails will enhance the areas of common use with features such as improved access roads, signage, landscaping & irrigation, and measures that preclude access to motorized bikes and similar items. The proposed segments of trails will therefore make the district’s right-of-way aesthetically pleasing to the community.”
In accordance with the memorandum of understanding, the district agrees to the city proposal of constructing, operating, and maintaining the trails on the district’s property. Newcombe said the development and operation of the trails, which will be at the city’s sole expense and responsibility, will not interfere or conflict with any structures, facilities, operations or uses which the district has, or intends to have.
“Although the district will not receive a fee from the city for allowing use of the district lands for the trails,” said Newcombe, “the district will benefit from reduced maintenance costs in the areas of common use, as well as from the city improvements.”

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