Cal State San Bernardino Students Decry Attack On College President As Racist

A collection of students at Cal State University San Bernardino has rejected the results of the survey the university’s faculty members carried out earlier this year relating to the performance of university president Tomas Morales.
Students supporting Morales, noting that the survey did not seek their input, insinuated that there was what was referred to as a “racist” undercurrent in the faculty survey.
“The faculty senate has publicly shared their prejudices, not just toward the students but also towards our own President Morales,” a coalition of two groups calling themselves Black Scholars Matter and Student Dreamers said in a prepared statement. “Similar discrimination students have faced in their classroom is now being used against President Morales here at CSUSB. Faculty has trashed students on social media, undermined us at our meetings and treated us with total disrespect.”
The students said the faculty senate has worked at cross-purposes with regard to reforms Morales has instituted, including scholarship programs, and has “done little-to-nothing to improve the academic climate for students here at Cal State San Bernardino.”
Asserting “the faculty has devalued the students” the coalition cited the same issue many faculty members referenced in the survey – bullying – but attributed it to “faculty members” who “attack non-tenured professors.”

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