California Style Shoulders Off

By Grace Bernal
It’s really neat when you can have fun with tops, and dresses. The summer season is almost here, and the fashion scene is looking good with bare shoulders. Off the shoulder shirts, blouses, and dresses are trending since early spring, and they will probably stick around through summertime. The necklines come in many variations. They are just beautiful. I have been eyeballing the off the shoulder pieces for a while and I really like all different ways they are coming in. The tops are great with denim pants, shorts, and skirts of all sorts. Off the shoulder dresses catch your eye, too. It’s time to explore with shoulders off, because looking good, having fun, and changing it up is really what a season is all about. Have fun with bare shoulders because it is definitely a popular and trendy look.

When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together.” Carine Roitfeld

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