California Style: Holes

By Grace Bernal
Last weekend the look was about shredded jeans and boy is it moving at a fast pace. You pay for the rips too! The holes are so cool they are happening in black tie event galas. It’s a rebellious look but imaginably stylish. You wear a jeweled top with slashed torn up jeans and you’re ready for the festivities. In the 80s it was a rebel thing, and in the Warhol era it was a hip thing. Today it’s ahead of its time in an artistic way and anything can happen when it comes to clothing, no big deal really. I love the whole slashed up look of the ragged jeans with heels and a nice top. So have at it and be holy.
“I wanted to go on the red carpet with a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. And I still do. Because that’s really who I am.” -Missy Peregrym

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