Chavez Ravine Chic

By Grace Bernal

Opening Day at Dodger Stadium happened this April 12th, and everyone swarmed into Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of the game in action.  Fashion however, is exhilarating to watch because the new generation is always surprising the streets as they take on new looks. Guys are expressing themselves wearing trousers and sneakers. Spring fashion is taking  a new twist. Women are exploring with classic black and white pieces and this brings fashion to a  great balance. The trousers are looking black on one leg, and white on the other, and women aren’t afraid to wear them to the office either. The appearance of silver is looking sparkly, too.  Spring in the  21sat century has a lot to offer. Everything happening in fashion with all the  young people who have the courage to experiment with their ideas of creative dressing. Have fun exploring the different looks of spring and enjoy the ball game if you’re into that!

“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” -John Fairchild

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