California Style Spring’s Pink Parade

By Grace Bernal
Early spring color is pink and the lightness that comes with it. Pink is a color of Easter and fashion, too. The staple color of March and April along with decorated hats and corsages, all come in pink. The formality of the flowerily decorated hat is currently returning and they are a lot of fun when worn to tea parties and other outdoor-like events. With that said, there’s a lot coming in this spring, beginning with bell bottom denim, jumpsuits, and espadrille shoes. The thing about April is that we still have clouds and a bit of rain so let’s not leave out the trench coat just in case we want to protect the pink from getting dirty while the rain drops. There’s so many fun pieces to wear this spring that I can’t wait for the next column to bring you more of the neat things that are happening with fashion this season. Stay tuned and stay stylish!

More is more and less is a bore.” —Iris Apfel

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