California Style Spring Traditions

By Grace Bernal
The tradition of the spring brings with it a lot of preparation for many exciting events, such as ceremonies, and graduations of all sorts. Of course, if you’re on the go you probably have a new way of dressing. I believe the young people have reshaped the rules of how to dress for a graduation or ceremony. In the past everyone used to dress up for these events and followed certain guidelines. But today’s traditions, as many of us are  rushing from the office to the event, have really changed. There’s a sense of versatility from an office shift dress combined with heels and flats, depending on whether you are biking from the event to the office, on public transportation, or simply driving. One neat surprise, though, are the trousers that are in right now. They are perfect for the office and for any ceremony/graduation. The nice thing about the flouncy trouser is that it’s classically elegant, and simply comfortable. People are really embracing a neat kind of practicality which is different from the 80s. It feels like no rules apply with regard to what wear to a special event, and no one is questioning if something is appropriate for the occasion because it’s all about what suits your life style. With that said, enjoy your special event and embrace the comfort and freedom the current fashion trend has to offer.

Never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth. -Henrik Ibsen

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