California Style: Freedom And Choice

By Grace Bernal
The week is in mourning since the loss of a Prince. Prince was definitely too young to go but, in life there are no guarantees no matter who we are. This androgynous, chic, and sexy artist sculptured the rules of funk, and rock with his creative ability to pull music and art together. His melodies were revolutionary, and he was a true vibrant soul! The first time I heard his music, and saw him perform I knew he was defining unique, with a new kind of sexy. RIP Prince! There’s something else going on in the fashion scene and its pretty political as many are out there expressing in full display which candidate they support. We also had the Jewish Passover, which brought out many people to celebrate down here in California. The streets in general have been filled so many different people and their culture, and this is what makes America great. Fashion is in a mad mix, too, with floral apparel like dresses and suits, with matching shoes. Along with roses that are blooming everywhere you look, you see colorpulsating with life!. Everywhere you look you see expressions with liberations of single minded fashion, and everything we treasure about our country is coming out in full form. Overall the fashion scene has been interesting because everyone was celebrating whatever they were into.
“Somewhere between politics and art lies fashion.”

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