California Style: Stripes And Color

By Grace Bernal
We all know art rules and fashion is art. Art itself always exhibits well in clothes. So with that said, spring break brings all the creative young people together to the streets. The stripes in clothes are very in currently and they come in creative forms. Kids always find a way to come up with new things. Their thoughts are at their best when they don’t have money because they get really creative. Young starving artists are good at that. It’s a fashion parade with stripes out there lately and it’s a nice experience to see people at art fairs. They have a way of clothing themselves creatively, from striped tops to mesmerizing dresses to hypnotizing skirts, then adding hats, glasses, and shawls. Stripes come in all colors. Spring is coming. The endless art show parade of fashion continues on the streets of California. Stay creative and have fun wearing what you love. Until next week, enjoy the lovely weather!

Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment. -Alexander McQueen

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