Yet Another Threat Of School Violence Results In Arrest

SAN BERNARDINO—A series of threatening Facebook postings centering on Indian Springs High School which also mentioned Arroyo Valley High School have landed a 14-year-old student in juvenile hall.
The postings to the social media site came on Monday. By Tuesday, the yet-unidentified youth, said to be a pupil in the San Bernardino Unified School District, was in custody after school police and the San Bernardino Police Department were informed of the postings, deemed to be threats.
“ISHS and AVHS Better start interviewing new principals And new teachers,” said one. “After tomorrow ISHS and AVHS will never be the same,” said another. Another stated, “We coming in hot with 50-caliber and aks so we are targeting 5 main buildings k h i.e, front office.” Still another said, “Beware don’t come to ISHS unless you have a death wish ! We have a different plan for arrow [Arroyo] valley.” Another said, “It’s ready we have the weapons and the gear Good thing the cops didn’t find the gear.” Another stated, “R.I.P ISHS.”
“The social media threats have been determined to be a hoax,” Facebook stated.

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