Hungry Coyotes Making Life Tough For Goats Up The Holler In Oak Glen

Hungry coyotes have descended on Oak Glen, wreaking havoc on the domesticated wildlife there.
Earlier this month, the predators killed three pygmy goats and dragged off from the rustic community in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains one apparently still-living nubian goat to feast upon later.
The four victims in this ruthless display of nature were animals kept at a petting zoo at a retreat and camp run by the Lutheran Church in Oak Glen known as Luther Glen. The camp had acquired the four ruminants as babies just about a year ago. They were being raised by the camp staff and were a common attraction to visitors, particularly children who viited the site.
There were telltale signs that it was coyotes rather than mountain lions, bobcats or bears that killed the goats.

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