Forum… Or Against ’em

By Count Friedrich von Olsen
Those of you who know me, know of my love for poetry. I have been seeking to convince the publisher of this newspaper to incorporate a column devoted to poetry, so far to no avail. In furtherance of that effort, I offer my readers this poem, penned by Kerry D. Peterson of San Bernardino. It is titled: Touched, with the subheading: Fallen Souls, Angels of the Humankind. Its inscription is: Inland Regional Center 1365 S. Waterman Ave. San Bernardino, CA 92408 December 2, 2015
Tragedy, reign of terror, touched our city, the Inland Empire
Twenty-two wounded, fourteen fatally fallen
We mourn, weep, and pray for the lost souls and their loved ones
No words, dollars, can console or fill their void.
Our spirits moved by the shock of their loss
Victims of a ruthless plot
Yes, with a rhyme and reason
Perpetrators sick, hateful, diabolical minds
Acts of disbelief hover over our city
The holiday season takes a back burner
As we celebrate their spirits transcending to paradise.
Recovery of such a massacre will be heartfelt slow in coming
Our city’s biorhythm will never be the same
Rest in Peace
Touched, blessed, souls
Divinely healed, Spirits found.

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