California Style Fashion Week Is Everywhere

By Grace Bernal
Fashion is heading in all sorts of directions and it’s all due to the weather. This weekend I saw shorts and sandals all over Southern California. But in New York City it is fashion week and the focus is all winter fashion looks. The ankle boot is hanging on as a classic staple for the cold weather, tights, stockings, and stretch jeans, and knitted hats with furry tops seem to be the representatives of the new winter collections. The new generation always has its own new ideas and they are the ones who don’t mind wearing what feels good. When the young kids of today wear fashion, they add so many new ideas to the looks. It never fails, the hot stuff always comes from the young people. It can be anything like cinching of the waist with a colorful belt, and sports looks with funky jackets. Femininity looks great even in casual wear. It’s neat to see fashion is all over the place. It all comes together in fashion week because when you see it in context, it really make sense. Anything, from full short skirts, tights and inflated jackets, seems to be a fashion possibility. Fashion is meant to stand out and it did just that during fashion week. People seem to just be having creative fun and I’m fine with that.

“I come to Fashion Week events in New York City twice a year.”
– Oksana Baiul

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