California Style Creating

By Grace Bernal
The Inland Empire presented a diverse panorama of styles of dress this past week. People are creating a very classic kind of dressing with sweet necklines, but the young kids hanging out in the local downtowns are making a creative rise in their colorful outfits. This is a marvelous expression of dress! The outrageous pieces they putting together and are wearing to the office are exciting. It’s a great way to overcome the monotony of the business world, and its technology. You have to enjoy the fashion show on the streets because it’s full of freedom and it transcends messages of creative expression. People are doing it in conservative ways, too, wearing whispering slim outfits. These slight garments make for a silhouette that enhances a slim figure. If you are looking for diversity of style, you need look no further than what is happening on the streets. It’s neat to see different looks, colors, and people all come together with fashion.

Fashion should be stylish and fun.” ~Twiggy

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