California Style Brrrr!

By Grace Bernal
It’s been freezing in San Bernardino County with temperatures as low 24 degrees. We’ve had the best storm that we have had in a while which brought us snowy mountains, and let’s not mention the rain. The ski masks are out and the ski resorts are open for business up in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Mt. Baldy and Wrightwood. Some snow attire is looking really neat, along with open shoulders that have been popping up everywhere. There are some things that just don’t change and that is the business attire which shows men really refuse to wear any snow or rain gear. But for now, the white mountains are looking fabulous and it only takes a short drive to get there, too. So get your warm gear on and go out there and enjoy the lovely weather San Bernardino County has to offer. It won’t be long before it melts away. Stay warm!

“The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott

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