By Grace Bernal
When the weather is at its coolest people become extravagant with their attire. This week fashion took a turn back to the jacket, coats, and anything warm. The fashion statement of the week has been heavy and furry in the intense cold weather people broke out their classic coats, hats, boots, and scarves too. It looks terrific out there in the windy cool breezes in the cities of San Bernardino County. The people are very elegant in black and white and they are adding muffs to the coat feast attire. The eye of the fashion storm is everywhere you look when it comes to stylish warmth! The streets are full of cool warm outfits and it’s all thanks to the cold weather. The shopping windows at the departments stores look great too, as they are dressed and ready to welcome the new year. No telling what is in store this new year since we are dressing for the cold weather as it continues to cool down. People really do dress according to the weather and it’s neat to see the bundles of fashion they create with their warm pieces. To all of you happy new year and have fun surviving the cold temperatures.
Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you. -Ralph Lauren

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