It’s A Wrap

Christmas day is officially upon us and I hope everyone survived the pre-holiday craze. All the excitement of presents, and Santa Clause ended just like that! Time to prepare for the big 2016 and what bigger and better way than with fashion. With the piles of cakes and cookies being gone some of you may end up hitting the mountains for a pile of snow to ring in the new year. White is refreshing clean color and a perfect one for all winter long. Chunky sweaters always look neat in white, hats, gloves, and jackets too. Shawls are warm and easy to wrap around yourself, and besides keeping you warm they look very chic belted, with boots, and over jeans. There really is something elegant about a white garment during this time of the year. Although snow may not be everywhere in San Bernardino County the color we wrap ourselves in reflects the snowy tips of its mountains. There’s so much to see in the world and a lot of it happens by chance just like fashion. With that said wrap it up, get out there, and enjoy the color of winter.

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