By Grace Bernal

It’s gold out there because the holiday season is sparkling everywhere. This is the neatest weather because it’s getting cold in San Bernardino County. To boot, the colorful moment is in the shades of gold. The spirits are lifting because of the lovely gold being reflected in what people are wearing out there. There are golden tops, dresses, sweaters, and shoes. A new variation of gold has  also hit the streets and it’s called rose gold. This so-called rose gold looks magnificent with black, red, green, and even pink. It’s all about creativity on the streets of California and this is really what makes us unique in the Golden State. It can get colder and then suddenly warm again, which offers more opportunity for creativity. With that said, dress up, warm up, and start dashing through the winter season. Until next week, here’s to new beginnings that come with the golden magical holiday season.

 “I’ve been enjoying playing with fashion – gold grills and diamond grills have just become a part of that.”  -Jill Scott

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